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Follow our area rug care guide below. 

Care & Maintenance Of Area Rugs

Area rug care and maintenance starts and ends with vacuuming. 

By investing in a quality vacuum cleaner and putting it to use regularly, you can help actively control the amount of dirt, dust, and other debris that is present in your area rug. Outside debris and dirt can harm the fibers of your area rug over time and give it a grungy look. How often you need to vacuum your rug will depend on the amount of foot traffic within your home

You may also want to place to entry mats near the doors of your home and encourage guests to remove their shoes before walking on your area rug. 

Learn more about dealing with spills and stains on your area rug below. 

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Area Rug Spills & Stains

Even the most cautious of area rug owners will have the occasional spill or stain from time to time. But fear not, a liquid spill does not mean the end of area rug. The key is act fast when spills occur. This will help to prevent long term damage to your area rug. 

When a spill happens, quickly absorb the mess with a clean cloth. From there, obtain another cloth and blot out the substance with cold water. If the stain persists, consult your manufacturer. 

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