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Follow our hardwood care guide below!

Daily Care & Maintenance

One of the major benefits of hardwood floors is how easy they are maintain. Following the tips and best practices outlined below to eep your hardwood floors looking great. 

Investing in a broom and putting it to use on a regular basis is the easiest way to keep your hardwood floors looking sublime. By working to ensure that dirt, dust, and other debris are not present, you can guarantee that your floors do not get scratched or take on a grungy look. Placing mats at the entrances of your home can also help with this. 

You may also consider upgrading your window treatments to ensure that your hardwood floors do not fade over time. 

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Dealing With Hardwood Spills & Stains

Hardwood flooring is not vulnerable to spills and stains, so long as you act fast when messes occur. When a liquid spill occurs on your hardwood, grab a towel or cloth and absorb the substance immediately. The longer you wait, the more likely the substance will drip into your subflooring. 

You can mop hardwood, but do so using as little water as possible as your hardwood could contract and expand with moisture. 


Hardwood Warranties

All first quality hardwood floors sold by Location Carpet Co are warranted by the manufacturer to be free of manufacturing defects.  If it is determined that the hardwood floor has a manufacturing defect, it will be repaired or replaced including installation cost, provided Location Carpet Co installed the hardwood.  The warranty period is determined by the product and the manufacturer.  Please consult with your salesperson as to the specific terms of your particular warranty.  Please read the entire warranty.

Manufacturers produce “second” qualities.  They give their seconds names, such as “Cabin Grade” or “Tavern Grade.”  They are not first quality and are not warranted by the manufacturer or by Location Carpet Co.

Humidity variances in the home may make the boards separate or swell.  This is normal and is not considered to be caused by defective material or installation; and, therefore, is not covered by any warranty.  Cupping of hardwood flooring planks is caused by one reason and one reason only – moisture.  This is caused by excessive moisture in the home.  This condition may be caused by one of the following: peculiarities to the particular site, lack of adequate ventilation in the crawl space, lack of polyethylene ground cover or improper drainage of the property.

Cupping of hardwood floors is not a material or installation defect and is not covered by the terms of this warranty.

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