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How To Establish A Care & Maintenance Routine For Your Floors

The New Year is a great time of year to reevaluate your routines and improve them. Especially if you have recently upgraded flooring in an area of your home, it’s important to make sure that you care for it properly, so it stays nice for years to come.

How To Establish A Care & Maintenance Routine For Your Floors

Depending on the flooring in question, basic care has some variation. Here are some daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance suggestions for each basic type of flooring:

Wood Floors- While hardwood flooring and engineered floors add warmth and longevity to your home, they do require some attention to keep them looking their best. They should be swept daily with a soft broom or microfiber mop, to avoid scratches. Vacuum your floors weekly with the bare floor setting of your vacuum cleaner. Deep clean your wood floors monthly either with a store-bought wood floor cleaning product, or a DIY solution of mild soap and water. Spray small areas and wipe with a clean rag or a cotton or microfiber mop. Address scuffs and any minor damage as soon as possible to keep them from becoming bigger issues in the future.

How To Establish A Care & Maintenance Routine For Your Floors

Tile/ Resilient Tile Floors- Known for their durability, tile floors- ceramic, stone, luxury vinyl and linoleum- are not quite as needy as wood. You should sweep or vacuum your tile floors regularly, at least weekly, or more often if you have children or pets. Although crumbs won’t damage your tile, immediately sweep up anything abrasive, such as sand or grit to avoid scratches. Mop your tile floors at least every week or two using a recommended cleaner. If you have grout, choose a mop that won’t push dirty water into the grout lines, where it can stand and create stains. If you do find a stain on your grout, you can treat it by applying a paste made from water and baking soda with a toothbrush. If you notice hazy or cloudy ceramic tiles, it may be time to deep clean your floor with an all-purpose cleaner or a DIY solution of water and acid (lemon or vinegar) to cut the haze**. As a last step, consider drying ceramic tile after washing, rather than allowing it to air dry, to avoid water spots promote shine. If you have linoleum floors, consider waxing them with liquid wax every three to six months. Please Note: **Do not use acids on natural stone such as slate, granite or marble, as they can be damaged. Always follow professional cleaning instructions and spot test any cleaner before using.

Carpet- Known for its comfort and versatility, carpet remains a popular choice and is easy to maintain with regular care. Vacuum your carpets at least weekly to remove allergens and debris left by foot traffic and pets. Slightly move your furniture every few months to help avoid the inevitable carpet dents and reduce wear by altering traffic patterns. Address spills and stains as they happen by blotting, rather than rubbing the stain and using the proper cleaning solution. There are many DIY solutions available but always be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Although it’s tempting, don’t overdo the steam cleaning. Instead, keep your carpets fresh by following the above suggestions and avoiding excess dirt whenever possible. Use throw rugs or mats at entryways or consider a shoe-free home.

For more suggestions on a cleaning and maintenance routine for your floors, visit the friendly professionals at Location Carpet Co in Painesville, OH. Contact us or stop in today for all your flooring needs.