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The Best Flooring Options for Different Climates

Some flooring is better for hot, humid climates, while others are better for colder areas. Some flooring types can withstand both extremes. You have unique considerations regarding which types of flooring would be appropriate for your home. Most of those concerns revolve around water and temperature. Whether you are battling constant heat and humidity or arctic temps, here are some options for floors that can stand up to both.

The Best Flooring Options for Different Climates

Luxury Vinyl Flooring– Available as tile or planks in a variety of finishes, luxury vinyl is among the best flooring options for either climate extreme. Vinyl floors are waterproof and easy to clean. They remain cool, but warm quickly underfoot, and won’t buckle or warp. Vinyl flooring can accommodate an insulation layer or be installed over radiant heat. Due to its versatility, vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for use anywhere in today’s homes.

Porcelain Tile: You can always depend on a cool floor if you choose tile, a definite perk when dealing with heat and humidity. In colder climates, tile can also be installed over a radiant heat layer, providing for a cozy floor underfoot. Tile is the most waterproof flooring option; impervious to water, moisture and messes are easy to clean up when weather, in whatever form, makes its way indoors.

Hardwood Flooring: Although real wood floors can be affected by moisture and wouldn’t be the most obvious choice for a humid climate due to possible warping, certain hardwoods can acclimate well to fluctuating temps and higher humidity. If you really want real wood, look for floors made from American Beech, Hickory or Western Australian Mahogany, which are all more stable and resistant to the effects of moisture.

The Best Flooring Options for Different Climates

Another, more weather-friendly option would be to opt for engineered hardwoods, which withstand temperature fluctuations and moisture better than traditional hardwood floors. In colder climates, they can be installed over a radiant heat layer. Be aware that engineered hardwoods do have a humidity and temperature range, so consult the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure that these floors are going to work in your home.

Carpet and Rugs- Although carpeted floors, especially those with a deep pile, are pleasant underfoot in cold climates, wall-to-wall carpet is not always desirable where it is warm. Area rugs, however, are a great way to freshen or define spaces in either climate extreme. They are affordable to update or replace, and can be layered over existing carpet or any other type of flooring. Whether you have to contend with rain, slush or snow, a small rug or runner on a floor that tolerates wet messes will help keep your home dry and cozy.

No matter the weather where you live, there are many flooring options to consider for your home. You can trust the friendly professionals at Location Carpet Co in Painesville, OH. They would be happy to help you make a great choice. Contact or visit them to get started on your next project today!